Opening Legal Knowledge Automation

Ontologies and Openness in Law Practice Automation


Open practice premises and principles

The basic idea

A practical example — HotDocs

Other legal tech dimensions

The proposed open practice tools process

Concept Maps

  1. Header
  2. Practice context
  3. Version number?
  4. Author(s)
  5. Last revised
  6. Revised by
  7. Status
  8. Online location (URL)
  9. Facts [the circumstances typically constituting a particular matter]
  10. Objects, attributes, and relations
  11. Actors and roles
  12. Goals, purposes
  13. Artifacts (documents)
  14. Law [the general regime of applicable rules and principles]
  15. Overview
  16. Typical factual and legal issues
  17. Points of jurisdictional variation
  1. Legal and lawyering processes
  2. events
  3. activities, tasks, and actions (what has been, is being, needs to be, will be done as part of the legal work)
  4. Supporting technologies
  5. Typical tools used to support activities in this practice context
  6. Optional attachments
  7. Platform-specific structure, like a HotDocs variable list
  8. XML DTD, schema, or example
  9. Revision history




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Marc Lauritsen

Marc Lauritsen

Legal knowledge systems architect, educator, entrepreneur, author, musician. I help people work smarter and make better decisions.